Business Series
  • System Description
    • Cost-efficient solutions for budget conscious users with the stability and reliability that Intel provides. For Home Desktop, and Home Office.
  • System Features
    • Hyper-Threading Benefits
    • Multi-Tasking
    • Muti-Threading
    • Multi-User
    • 2 MB L2 Memory Cache
    • Intel 64-bit Support

  • System Description
    • Stable and reliable platform for business users who want key technology and solid performance at a mainstream price.
  • System Features
    • Dual-Core Processing
    • Supports Multiple Users
    • Improved Dual-Core
    • Lower Power, Quiet Operation
    • 2x2 MB L2 Memory Cache
    • Intel 64-Bit Support

  • System Description
    • Designed to maximize small business efficiency with greater multi-tasking capability, support for remote client management.
  • System Features
    • Core2 Dual-Core Processing
    • Multi-tasking
    • Intel VPro Technology
    • Intel Virtualization Technology
    • 4 MB L2 cache
    • Intel 64-bit support

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